Re: UML Class / Association XML Ordering

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Tim Ellis wrote:
I've created a diagram in Dia with multiple classes and associations. The
outputted XML file (.dia save file) seems to always put the Class
definition before the Association definition (which I like), but I would
like to see if this is on purpose or merely an accident and if it's
likely to remain that way forever.

This is an accident of the ordering of your Class and Association objects.
The objects are put into the file in order from lowest to highest (see
<DiagramMenu>->Objects->Bring to Front & <DiagramMenu>->Objects->Send to

In other words, if I'm creating a SQL output file and in my program I
assume at the time of the Association definition that the two IDs it
references are already-parsed Class definitions, will I be okay?

If you make sure to always have your Class objects below your Association
objects, yes.  You can force this ordering by selecting one Class object,
choosing <DiagramMenu>->Select->Same Type, and <DiagramMenu>->Objects->Send
to Back.


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