Re: XML file format - Linux vs Windows

Le Tue, Jun 18, 2002, à 03:05:05PM -0500, Lars Clausen a écrit:

So this way we're sure that the bounding box does contain the text, but the
text will occasionally look too short.  It's an option, I guess.  The


alternative may be to render the font in a big enough size that it's
linear, then scale it down by hand.  Not a pretty solution, but a little
caching can go a long way.

The problem is, how to scale down when we have to deal with Xft's subpixel
decimation (or WinXP's equivalent stuff) ?

One alternative to changing the font size might be to ask (gently) to Pango
if it can render with a slightly anisotropic scaling... maybe that's a
possibility! but I need to read again the API.

        -- Cyrille


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