Re: XML file format - Linux vs Windows

On Mon, 17 Jun 2002 23:19:03 +0200
Hans Breuer <hans breuer org> wrote:

This isn't at all an issue of Linux versus Windoze, but of using
libxml1 (which does pretty whitespace formatting) and libxml2
which does not anymore, by default.

Ya, I figured that was probably the culprit.
(To be honest, I didn't realize the UNIX version was using libxml1)

To reenable it with libxml2
you need to put
in your diarc

Works perfectly!

Unfortunately, this has to be done per-user.  I'd like to suggest that
perhaps if the user chooses to save their files as uncompressed XML, that
Dia turn this option on automatically.  Thoughts?

And the different fonts and resulting bounding box size mismatches
aren't producing irrelevant changes ?

I don't want to talk about fonts... :-<   (Courier seems to work ok :-/)

As for the bounding boxes - I had noticed they changed a lot, and presumed
they must be tied to screen resolution or something...  Getting them the
same would be great...

So, I guess my question is - Is it a goal of Dia to have the same XML file
irregardless of platform?  (If it's not, *could* it be - Please?)
Nope (I'm not sure if this wouldn't be an impossible goal)

Gack!  Parse error!  Too many negatives...
You think it might be possible to have them the same?  Or you think it 
would be impossible?  (Sorry - I can't tell which you mean...)
[ The answer doesn't really matter - 'As similar as possible' would be
a good goal - See below ]

see above. The real approach would be a graphical diff
based on dia's interpretation of two xml files - wouldn't it ?
[Don't get me wrong, I don't plan to write such]

That'd be cool  (but wasn't what I was meaning)
The reason for minimizing the diffs is twofold:
- Keeping the files as small as possible, by storing incremental diffs
- Using that fact (and XML buzzwords) when showing PHB the benefits of dia
  (Using tkcvs/tkdiff to visually show someone the incremental changes
  seems to be a really, really effective selling point when trying to
  convince them to change to dia...)

Many thanks for the help!  Keep up the great work!

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