Re: Zoom combo box?

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Pierre Pronchery wrote:
My question: in Dia the keys are 'minus' and 'plus', but on a french
keyboard I have to hold shift to type 'plus', while in Gimp I don't.
this is not a great pain ;) but I wonder why Gimp chose 'equals' for zoom
in (at least for me), and if Dia could choose automagically 'plus' or
'equals' depending on the user's keyboard type?  is this possible, with
locales for example? I thing Gimp uses something else (if it does),
because I only generated the Posix/C locale (Debian).

I don't know of a portable way to ask for the keyboard type.  I think Gimp
chose '=' for exactly the reason you mention, US keyboards have + over = as
well.  No reason we can't have both + and = be zoom in.


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