Re: Zoom combo box?

On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 12:32:52AM -0400, Russell Holt wrote:

On Tuesday, April 23, 2002, at 09:00 PM, Lars Clausen wrote:

Now that we're talking about the bottom of the display, do anybody have
strong feelings about the zoom combobox?  It's not currently as 
as it could be (Sodipodi gets it right), but it could also just be 
with a label.  Or a button with a pop-up menu like the Zoom menu.  It
certainly needs fixing, one way or the other.

to me the combobox is the best choice.
btw the pop-up menu should show the keyboard shortcuts associated, like
'minus' and 'plus' for zooming.

I like the way PhotoShop does this ( I think GIMP does it similarly)
it's a slider between buttons for - (zoom out) on the left, + (zoom in) 
on the right.
Very easy to use, especially with the overview window.
I can't find that slider in Gimp, but the 'minus' and 'equals' key are
shortcuts to zoom out/in.

My question: in Dia the keys are 'minus' and 'plus', but on a french
keyboard I have to hold shift to type 'plus', while in Gimp I don't.
this is not a great pain ;) but I wonder why Gimp chose 'equals' for zoom
in (at least for me), and if Dia could choose automagically 'plus' or 'equals'
depending on the user's keyboard type?
is this possible, with locales for example? I thing Gimp uses something
else (if it does), because I only generated the Posix/C locale (Debian).

"last 10% of development, the finition, often takes 50% of its global
time... but it's worth it."
"les derniers 10% du développement, la finition, prend souvent 50% de
son temps... mais ça en vaut la peine."

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