Re: spacing around text ...

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Peter Sojan wrote:

further investigation shows, that the extra spacing occurs only 
horizontally and you can also see this extra space when working with
shapes which take text (for example simple flowchart element). The space 
(which is quite large) remains even if I set textpadding=0 for such 
shapes. As far as I remeber this (mis-)behaviour wasn't there in 0.88.1!
I now use a CVS snapshot from April, 17th ..

maybe this has something to do with my fonts ...

This is a problem in computing the bounding boxes for the Gtk fonts.  It
is much lessened by using FreeType (which is also prettier).  I believe the
problem was kludged around earlier and has been made worse during the
Unicode translation.  Your fonts are fine, most likely.

If you want to see the exact bounding boxes, you can set


in ~/.dia/diarc (this is a debugging feature, and thus not shown in the
preferences dialog).


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