Re: spacing around text ...

This is a problem in computing the bounding boxes for the Gtk fonts.  It
is much lessened by using FreeType (which is also prettier).  I believe the

I installed freetype and newly compiled dia. I have to say font rendering looks
VERY nice now :-) The bounding box problem is also gone. However some issues: 

 - how do I configure dia/freetype to find my old type-1 fonts (they arent there any more)!? 
 - are there any expiriences with exporting to EPS (especially with TT fonts) ?
 - in which overall state is freetype support? A first look at it show's redrawing aretefacts
   when moving text around (no problem in general), and the kerning of the glyphs seem 
   somewhat broken (overlapping glyphs ..)


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