Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] setting a queryEditableText


Thanks a lot for all your answers. You have given me useful tips for
future tests :)

On 05/27/2010 05:47 AM, Ara Pulido wrote:
> You can also confirm this running orca (screen reader), the Icon View
> has a bug in the a11y information.

Did you report the issue, or should I do it?

> You can still create your test, but you will need use the List View
> instead, which seems to be working correctly.

I added a function to switch view:

Now, my script switches to list view, then creates a new folder and
tries to change the name:

def test_nfm_001 (self, folder_name):


TXT_UNTITLED_FOLDER = 'txtuntitledfolder*'

def create_folder(self, folder_name):       
        nautilus = ooldtp.context(
        create_folder_menu_item = nautilus.getchild(self.MNU_CREATE_FOLDER)
        untitled_folder = nautilus.getchild(self.TXT_UNTITLED_FOLDER)

But now I get a child not found error while trying to get
txtuntitledfolder*. I can see the text field, and it is editable. And
the text it shown is "untitled folder". So I don't know what's the
problem now.
Do I have to select something before getting the child?

And I can't look for the error using the python console because when I
set the focus to the terminal, the textfield  changes to a read-only
label. Could you explain to me what are the actions that I have to add
to the script in order to change the name using f2 or the context menu?
I looked for code that does something like this but didn't found anything.

thanks, and sorry for asking so much.
pura vida.

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