[gnome-desktop-testing] setting a queryEditableText

Hello desktop-testing-list at gnome,

I don't remember if I introduced myself before. My name is Leo Arias,
and I'm learning about Mago and LDTP in order to help with Ubuntu
automated tests.

I started a nautilus test that creates a new folder. You can check it

But I'm having a problem. When I try to set the name of the folder on:
58         untitled_folder.settextvalue(folder_name)

I get the following error:
'Text cannot be entered into object.'

Looking to the ldtp code I found that this error is thrown when the
function queryEditableText() of the text field returns a
NotImplementedError exception.

But I don't understand what does it mean. Could you please explain to me
what is not implemented?
If it's possible, I would love to help implementing it. And if it isn't,
is there a workaround to set the name of the folder?

pura vida.
¡paz y baile!

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