Re: [gnome-desktop-testing] setting a queryEditableText

Hi Leo,

Oops. I reread your original email and I sure enough misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish.

This one is really strange. Accerciser is sometimes able to edit the field and sometimes not. But it's possible there is an LDTP bug here as well. txtuntitledfolder should indeed be the editable text field, but on my system calling gettextvalue on txtuntitledfolder returns the name of the first folder in the window, not 'untitled folder'. So it definitely seems like something is going on there. I'm still not terribly clear on how to debug the LDTP internals enough to see what's going on with that. Nagappan, do you have any ideas on how to proceed?

I also took a look at selecting a file. The items are represented via their icons in accerciser and ldtp, so icoitemname is the folder. This seems to be of limited utility though. Using getallstates, you can see that icons are selectable and focusable, and when highlighted in Naut they are also both selected and focused. What I don't see in accerciser is an accessibility action for clicking, selecting or focusing. So there may not be an a11y interface for doing that. There is an interface for accessing the context menu and it seems that ldtp1 also had this in terms of the ldtp.rightclick() function. Somehow this doesn't seem to be present in ldtp2. There are also the mouse* functions: mousemove, mouseleftclick and mouserightclick that should help, but also seem to be broken - at least on my system and in this context.

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 9:40 PM, Leo Arias F. <yo elopio net> wrote:
Hi James,

Thanks for the answer.

On 05/26/2010 07:10 PM, James Tatum wrote:
> So as far as writing a test, you'd have to set focus to the icon, press F2
> or pick Rename... from the context menu, then getchild on the parent
> container to get the edit box. Hope that makes sense.
> On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 2:53 PM, Leo Arias F. <yo elopio net> wrote:

It makes more or less sense (I don't know if that's the right _expression_
in English :) )

I'm adding a new folder. So before trying to edit the name, I click on
the menu File > Create Folder.

Then, the name of the folder is editable. And I think that with
'frm*untitledfolder' I'm selecting the text field, not the icon. I might
be wrong here, of course.

To make it even more weird, I've just tried to reproduce this again with
mago, and now the error displayed is that the child was not found :S.

Anyway, I'll try to spot my mago error later. Now I still can reproduce
this on the python interpreter.

Please tell me if following this steps you can rename the folder without
- Open nautilus
- Go to File > Create Folder
- Launch a python console on a terminal
- Enter the follwing script:
-> import ooldtp
-> nautilus = ooldtp.context('frm*FileBrowser')
-> textfield = nautilus.getchild('txtuntitledfolder*')
-> textfield.settextvalue('test')

Perhaps I'm missing something...

Oh, and in order to try with the f2 key, could you please tell me how to
set the focus to the icon?

thanks a lot.
pura vida.
︾az y baile!

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