Re: gnome-shell.main.pot is incorrect

Hi all,

First, I have good news, and to prevent duplicating content, I received an
answer from Andra Veri here:

There will be a migration of the infrastructure in about two weeks that will
make it easier to maintain the infrastructure, with more control from our side
on the images we will deploy and will make it easier to deploy on two
environments: testing and production.

I deployed the new image based on Fedora 34 with an updated gettext here:

Can you please tell me if everything is okay and then, we’ll probably push the
image to production? Is this idea okay for you Claude?

Guillaume Bernard

Le lundi 25 avril 2022 à 18:31 +0200, Guillaume Bernard a écrit :

I updated the Dockerfile on oscp-testing but it seems we cannot replace the
instruction. Below is a extract of the first lines of the Docker build log.

Replaced Dockerfile FROM image fedora:34
Step 1/17 : FROM

I suppose there’s something in OpenShift that forces some images that can be
used as base image, I don’t find anything in the options I can change. I
that I can only use the images located in Builds → Images. 

So, without help from Infrastructure team, I think I’m stuck there. I opened
issue on infrastructure:
gnome-i18n mailing list
gnome-i18n gnome org

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