Re: gnome-shell.main.pot is incorrect

Le 23.04.22 à 12:43, Guillaume Bernard a écrit :
Hi all,

I’m taking this today as soon as possible. It will probably make difficulties as
the OpenShift image uses CentOS and packages are frozen in CentOS. Which version
of gettext should we target to have the bug fixed in the image?

My recommandation, in order to have a more updated version of packages would be
to use Fedora instead of CentOS. Version in the Fedora repositories is gettext
0.21. We can compile or use a backport repository to have this updated version
in the current image but it would break the KISS principles we need to follow to
have a long-term maintainable system.

Tell me what you think, if we should make the change and try with the new image.
Otherwise, I’ll try to find another solution with gettext compilation for

Thanks Guillaume,

Hopefully Andrea will tell us if using Fedora on OpenShift is an acceptable option.
And yes, we would need gettext >= 0.21.


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