Re: gnome-shell.main.pot is incorrect


Using a Debian based image will generate more efforts from our side, as the
system is already running on CentOS 8. Furthermore, I don’t think we’ll have an
updated version of gettext in Debian repository (did not check yet).

We have another issue with the actual image: it’s based on CentOS 8, which is
unsupported since the 31st of January 2021. So it’s even impossible to build the
image. I will make an attempt with Fedora anyway. As we don’t have integration
tests, I will use oscp-testing first, to check if everything is okay, then,
we’ll push changed to the oscp branch.

I keep you updated…
Guillaume Bernard

Le samedi 23 avril 2022 à 21:44 +0400, Yuri Konotopov a écrit :

23.04.2022 15:29, Claude Paroz пишет:
Le 23.04.22 à 12:43, Guillaume Bernard a écrit :
My recommandation, in order to have a more updated version of 
packages would be
to use Fedora instead of CentOS. Version in the Fedora repositories 
is gettext
0.21. We can compile or use a backport repository to have this 
updated version
in the current image but it would break the KISS principles we need 
to follow to
have a long-term maintainable system.

Another simple solution is migration to python:3.9 docker images which 
is Debian-based and already contains gettext 0.21.

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