Re: gnome-shell.main.pot is incorrect


I updated the Dockerfile on oscp-testing but it seems we cannot replace the FROM
instruction. Below is a extract of the first lines of the Docker build log.

Replaced Dockerfile FROM image fedora:34
Step 1/17 : FROM

I suppose there’s something in OpenShift that forces some images that can be
used as base image, I don’t find anything in the options I can change. I suppose
that I can only use the images located in Builds → Images. 

So, without help from Infrastructure team, I think I’m stuck there. I opened an
issue on infrastructure:
Guillaume Bernard

Le lundi 25 avril 2022 à 08:49 +0200, Claude Paroz a écrit :
Le 24.04.22 à 23:47, Michael Catanzaro a écrit :

Reading through the linked issues, nobody has bisected gettext yet to 
identify what changed. That's probably the next step towards getting 
this fixed.

I don't agree with that, we really need a full gettext 0.21 version, not 
a patched 0.19.x version, as there are potentially other improvements.


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