Re: I believe we should reconsider our sys-tray removal

On 2019-03-25 11:07 a.m., Andre Klapper wrote:
You may want to disable "Plugins > Notifications" in Rhythmbox to not
flood your notification area with things you don't consider helpful.

I think you have just corroborated my point. You can hide notifications you don't want.

The notification system treats all notifications as equals. They are not all equal. Maybe I want a notification area for important messages and one for everything else. I don't mind an extra icon for that. If it needs to flash to get my attention, fine. That's a preference. I can disable it.

Should icons be shown all the time? No, usually. But that should be up to the program. If I'm annoyed by it, I won't use it. Or I'll hide it. Or disable the notification.


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