Re: GNOME Online Accounts 3.34 won't have documents support

Since GNOME To Do is being constantly cited in this thread, I'd like to
officially clarify a few things:

 * It was never my intention to make GNOME To Do a core app, and I was
   glad to see it being dropped from the core set. For various reasons,
   both technical- and design-wise, I believe To Do wasn't a good fit.

 * As such, To Do should be treated as part of the extended GNOME set. It
   was a courtesy of Debarshi to land the Todoist provider in GOA, given
   that we knew it wasn't the right place for it to be since the very

 * We agreed on making GNOME To Do responsible for its own authentication
   process regarging Todoist. Back in 2017, we had discussions about GOA,
   and how to allow applications to reuse its authentication code. We did
   not agree on anything regarding that IIRC.

 * Dropping the Todoist backend from GOA was a decision made in good terms,
   at least from my side. We knew that was going to happen sooner or later.
   There are pending merge requests for moving authentication to To Do, but
   they depend on WebKitGTK that is GTK3, so it's not in a mergeable state.

 * I try to follow the GNOME release schedule, but To Do is deviating from
   the release number. I'm aiming to a 4.0 release together with GTK4. I'd
   like to experiment with the new GTK4 APIs, and give feedback to the GTK
   team about all that is going well or not as an application developer.

Hopefully that clarifies any doubts or misunderstandings anyone may have
regarding GNOME To Do.

With respect,

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