Re: GNOME Online Accounts 3.34 won't have documents support

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019, at 16:16, Debarshi Ray wrote:
"maintain GNOME's Google support" is bit misleading here. I'll try to

"GNOME's Google support" is libgdata and the GNOME API key. Using
libgdata is independent of using GOA, and that's where the
overwhelming bulk of effort goes - keeping up with API changes and so
on. As for the API key, we often have a hard time because we don't
fall into one of the big buckets called: web application, iOS app,
Android app, etc.. Since the Linux desktop is such a small portion of
the user base, we always run into weird rough edges that don't affect
the more popular platforms that much.

The one genuine case where you might have to do some work is when a
bug in Deja Dup adversely affects the GNOME API key. Say, for example,
if there's a bug in the code that DoSes the Google servers or causes
data loss or something catastrophic like that.

But other than that I don't know what "maintain GNOME's Google
support" would mean.

I meant (1) keeping GNOME's API key valid, (2) maintaining libgdata, (3) maintaining the GVFS google backend 
(which only supports using GOA keys -- an app can't give it its own keys), and (4) maintaining the GOA google 

If GNOME lets their API key be revoked, all of the above will be dropped on the floor. Libgdata might live on 
independently, but GNOME wouldn't have a reason to put it into releases any more.

You say deja-dup has nothing to worry about. But I very much have to solve the problem of many of my users 
losing access to their backups (through my app at least) in three weeks. Will not inspire confidence. Again, 
my fault I guess for using GOA in the first place.

(I assume you meant that deja-dup doesn't have much to worry about in the main context of this thread about 
Documents support etc being dropped from GNOME. And you're correct there. But Michael's comment about GNOME 
losing it's Google key in three weeks does have me spooked.)

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