Re: GNOME Online Accounts 3.34 won't have documents support

Jeremy Bicha <jbicha ubuntu com> wrote:
A few months ago, I talked with mpt about GNOME Online Accounts being
added to Ubuntu's version of gnome-initial-setup. I believe his
opinion was that the app itself should offer the "add a new account"
feature instead of the Initial Setup or Settings apps.

I agree that having app configuration live in the app is better than
having it in Settings.

One thing we've explored in the past is having the online account
configuration in the app *and* in Online Accounts - so you can add a
Google account in, say, Calander, and then it will show up in Online
Accounts too. There are some mockups [1] for this and it's a pattern
that I'd love to elaborate and see adopted more widely!


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