Re: GNOME Online Accounts 3.34 won't have documents support

On Wed, 2019-01-23 at 11:54 -0600, mcatanzaro gnome org wrote:
Thing is, we don't have any email apps in core. It just doesn't make 
sense to have email settings in gnome-online-accounts when none of
the core apps (the apps installed by default) actually use those
settings. It's just going to confuse users with settings that don't
do anything.

I guess, in that case, you can safely drop also the Microsoft Exchange
accounts from GOA. The main consumer, as far as I know, is
evolution-data-server, through evolution-ews. While the mail accounts
configured with evolution-ews can work without Evolution, evolution-ews 
depends on Evolution, thus it brings it in. The evolution-ews also runs
on the background evolution-data-server processes (factories and the
source registry). You can access calendars/contacts/tasks/memos without
using the mail part, but the main advantage of the Microsoft Exchange
is the integration of all those 5 parts (something which is against
GNOME design and the way it is led in the last years, I know).

I mean, hiding the Mail switch from GOA for Microsoft Exchange accounts
doesn't make sense. It may even confuse the users.

It also seems like using GOA by core apps (is evolution-data-server
considered an app, maybe it's just 'core') is meant only from GNOME
desktop. At least according to gnome-control-central behavior, which
rejects to access GOA when not running under GNOME for couple releases
now [1]. It got better, because it's crashing in 3.30.2, while it
opened an empty tab before. This is probably unrelated, unless it's an
intention, similar to drop documents support from GOA.

[1] Evolution adds "Open Settings" button for GOA accounts, to make
    life easier to the users. It calls:
       gnome-control-central online-accounts
    which did work several releases ago, regardless which desktop
    environment the user used.
    Maybe if GOA settings could be called out of the
    gnome-control-central? Users do need to go there from time to time.
    On the other hand, with flatpak and its inaccessibility of
    the system gnome-control-central it doesn't matter as that much.

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