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Thanks Allan,

Is the design for the site used on still valid? I really like the look of it, and I could easily turn it into a template for Django CMS pages.

On 04/05/2018 01:07 PM, Allan Day wrote:
Michael Hall <mhall119 gmail com> wrote:
I've been involved in quite a few discussions
about GNOME's developer documentation over the years, and have done a
fair amount of work on developer documentation design in the past [1]
(this came out of a meeting we had at GUADEC in 2016), including
creating a new prototype site last year.
Do you have links to notes or anything from that GUADEC meeting?
At the time we were evaluating HotDoc, and the meeting was a fairly
limited discussion to figure out what steps would be needed to move
that initiative forward. The page I created about HotDoc [1] can be
seen as an outcome. (To be clear, I'm not pushing HotDoc here,
although it is my understanding that it's a potential solution to the
API docs for introspected languages problem.)

I wasn't at
that one, and wasn't aware of previous work on this.
There have been numerous planning and design discussions for developer
documentation over the years. The DX hackfest pages probably contain
additional material.

Also is your prototype
still live somewhere?
Not at the moment, but it shouldn't be too hard to reinstate it...


Michael Hall
mhall119 gmail com

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