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On 04/05/2018 09:48 AM, Allan Day wrote:
Michael Hall <mhall119 gmail com> wrote:
Some of these are within reach, although as Bastian pointed out,
having the necessary infrastructure has been a stumbling block in the
We've settled on
Who is "we"? Where is the planning and discussion happening for this?

Initially it was Sri, Ken and I. It started at GUADEC last year and we've continued working on it (slowly, but steadily) since then. We have a project on GNOME's Gitlab, a Telegram channel, and have been trying to hold regular meetings on it.

using Django CMS and are working on getting an instance up
and running. I used this when we built the Ubuntu Developer Portal to
promote the Ubuntu SDK and it worked really well for that.
It would be helpful to have some more information about this. What
other options were considered? What were your requirements? How does
it integrate with API documentation? How is the content formatted?
What's the contributor workflow?


We chose this primarily because it was used by the Ubuntu Developer Portal in the past and we know it will work for the intended purpose. When I was working on the Ubuntu site we considered various other options, but Django CMS had the best combination of multi-language support, online editing, staged editing, content management and scalability. API documentation will be imported into Django (code for this was written for the Ubuntu portal already) to be integrated with the rest of the site. Content is stored in the Django database (it is a CMS after all). Contributors can be given login access to draft changes that an admin can publish.

Michael Hall
mhall119 gmail com

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