Re: Proposal to deploy GitLab on

On Wed, 2017-05-17 at 06:36 -0400, Carlos Soriano via desktop-devel-
list wrote:
Hey Bastien,

Not sure if you read the wiki and the workflow we outlined in there,
since we mention how this works. You will realize that's not
necessary for you, neither a git-bz alternative since you will use
just git:
- git-bz apply equals to git checkout remoteBranch

No, it doesn't. git-bz apply on a master or version branch will allow
me to amend commits. It does everything but push. The above doesn't
allow me to apply the same set of patches to a development and a stable
branch for example.

- git-bz attach equals to git push origin HEAD:fix2340issue, then
click create merge request.

Does this rewrite the commit message to include the PR or bug number?
Do we end up with separate merge requests and bug numbers, segregating
users and developers? And yes, clicking a button is a problem when
"git-bz file" took care of all the clicky stuff on the command-line.

And since you will have access to all projects...not need for your
own repo.

Do you mean you don't like the extra step that is clicking once per
issue the "create merge request" button?

I don't like the fact that the bug report and the merge request are

If that's the case, why is the command line tool we mention in the
wiki not good for you? (you will need some alias for adapting it to
your needs, or maybe we can modify to make the "create merge request"
more comprehensible?)

The only mention of a command-line tool says:
"There is a CLI tool which allows a wide range of actions to be done
from the command line, although it isn't particularly user friendly."
which is a bit low on details to allow me to comment on it.

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