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Hey Bastien,

Not sure if you read the wiki and the workflow we outlined in there, since we mention how this works. You will realize that's not necessary for you, neither a git-bz alternative since you will use just git:
- git-bz apply equals to git checkout remoteBranch
- git-bz attach equals to git push origin HEAD:fix2340issue, then click create merge request.

And since you will have access to all projects...not need for your own repo.

Do you mean you don't like the extra step that is clicking once per issue the "create merge request" button?
If that's the case, why is the command line tool we mention in the wiki not good for you? (you will need some alias for adapting it to your needs, or maybe we can modify to make the "create merge request" more comprehensible?)

Best regards,
Carlos Soriano

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From: hadess hadess net
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On Wed, 2017-05-17 at 11:33 +0200, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:
> Most developers are more familiar with the GitHub workflow, I think
> it's
> an easier workflow than attaching a patch to a bugtracker ticket.
> Once
> the contributor has pushed a branch on the fork repo, all the rest
> can
> be done from the web interface by clicking on some buttons.

I absolutely hate this workflow, fwiw. I prefer being able to run "git-
bz" to both create and apply patches, rather than keeping a clone with
a bunch of patches in my own org, or remembering the commands to push a
repo to my own repo from the upstream clone.

I hope there will be a git-bz equivalent available.
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