Re: GitLab update: Moving to the next step

On 12/08/2017 10:50 AM, philip chimento gmail com wrote:
I admire Carlos' restraint here but I'm going to say it more bluntly:
in my opinion, it is unfair to expect that any individual person's
opinion on their preferred must-haves should be able to block the
migration from moving forward. This is part of the monumental job
Carlos has been doing: gathering everyone's requirements, evaluating
them, checking the feasibility with GitLab, and deciding which ones
are blockers for GNOME _as a whole_ before we move the migration
forward. By demanding that your personal blockers take precedence, you
are undermining Carlos' hard work and the balancing act he has to
perform to get this to happen at all. It's impossible for him to make
everyone happy and I think he's done a fine job of representing
different perspectives, I dare say even ones that he doesn't agree
with. We need to trust that he is including all the factors and making
the right decision.

I was providing my opinions on which issues should be blockers for GNOME. I'm not issuing demands here... Carlos is running this show.

That said, if GitLab doesn't at least have real support for duplicate issues (its #1 problem IMO), then I will be quite displeased to lose Bugzilla. I still think the compromise here is to allow modules to turn off GitLab's issue tracker. Setting aside the rest of GitLab's features, surely we can agree its issue tracker is clearly inferior to what we have right now.


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