Re: GitLab update: Moving to the next step

I've been rewriting this email again and again to try not to be too impolitic... and I don't think I've succeeded, but I want to try to express the importance to me of some of the missing issue tracker features.

On 12/07/2017 12:07 PM, Carlos Soriano wrote:
Said that, add your comments about specific improvements to issue #8
too in a new comment so we can track them.

It looks like everything I care about is actually already tracked there in issue #8. (Except that the quote button needs to work like 'r'... good to know about the 'r' shortcut, I can live with that.) Looking over #8, I think duplicate issues, canned replies, and dependencies between issues should all be considered blockers to issue tracker migration.

I assume I don't need to explain why tracking duplicate issues is important. Just look at the state of the closed issues in gnome-calendar's issue tracker right now.

I use a long canned reply to close probably half the bugs I receive ("here is how you report a WebKit bug..."), and bug management would be extremely frustrating without it. I could keep it in a text file and copy/paste for a couple months, as long as upstream has promised the feature is on the way. But I really would rather stay on Bugzilla forever rather than give up canned replies forever. I am going to be thinking "I hate GitLab" every other time I close a bug... we don't want that.

And I would also insist on a schedule for open sourcing dependencies between issues. That such an important feature is being kept closed source indicates we are going to have further problems collaborating with upstream down the road. We should be prepared to stay with Bugzilla indefinitely if GitLab remains unwilling to open source basic issue tracker functionality.

The big picture that I see is that GitLab has some cool features, and some people really want merge requests... I don't really care either way, but OK, fine by me. But I spend a *lot* of time working with Bugzilla, and losing basic issue tracking features is going to make my job as a GNOME maintainer harder. So when it comes time for all the remaining projects to move to GitLab, if the above deficiencies are not resolved, then I hope that we'll be allowed to turn off GitLab's issue tracker and stick with Bugzilla. Maybe it would be better to make that the default transition, in fact.


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