Re: Proposal for Gnome Goal (was Re: Switching from Autotools to CMake for core evolution products)


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 4:23 PM, Sam Thursfield <ssssam gmail com> wrote:
I agree with the sentiments above that Meson isn't quite ready for this
yet. I've tried Meson out for 2 projects (Tracker and Rhythmbox) and in
both cases there have been several patches needed to Meson, some of
which are still unfinished.

Many people other people seem to be trying out Meson already, which is
good, and suggests we don't need to do anything further right now to
encourage people to try it out.

Yes, the GNOME module in Meson has had several improvements merged,
and more in the pipeline. Thanks for your patches!

We've been hard at work to make everything work smoothly for GNOME
projects, and have had a lot of interest; particularly from the Vala
folks. It's quite encouraging! Our goal is to have GNOME and Vala
support working flawlessly out of the box ASAP, and people coming and
telling us what they need has been a great help in that regard.

If you are thinking about trying Meson out and need help, hop on to
#mesonbuild on Freenode and find us. :-)

PS: We'd really like some help in making our documentation more newbie
friendly too.

There are GStreamer build instructions using Meson at
<> (and /gst-plugins-*/) which
seem pretty complete and I believe they're already being used to
cross-compile GStreamer to Windows.

Just bunch of small corrections. The GStreamer Meson build files have
been merged upstream (alongside Autotools), so it is recommended that
you get them from there:

+ /gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly}, etc.

We also have a git repo that uses Meson's subproject feature to build
gstreamer + plugins in one tree in one go: . This is the recommended way of
building GStreamer with Meson on Linux using the system-install

We have our own "jhbuild/continuous-equivalent" called Cerbero that is
used for building GStreamer in other configurations. The default build
used there is still Autotools. For that, we have a branch
( that can build gstreamer +
plugins on Linux, on native Windows, and can cross-compile to Windows
on Linux.

For GTK+, there are preliminary build instructions for GTK+ at
<>. I guess it would be
a few days work to make these nearly-complete. So I think Meson is close
to being able to pass that test already.

There's also a Glib repository with Meson build files
(, but just like the GTK+ build
it's not complete yet, and we're working on making it have
feature-parity with the Autotools build and the Visual Studio project
files shipped with the project. It's just a matter of going over the
Autotools build files line by line and checking that everything has
been translated over.


~Nirbheek Chauhan

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