Switching from Autotools to CMake for core evolution products

this is a heads up that the evolution-data-server, evolution,
evolution-ews and evolution-mapi products will switch from Autotools to
CMake for the 3.23.1 release. Each of them has created a wip/cmake
branch, which builds and even runs. I tried to keep things as close as
they were with the Autotools, but I made some cleanup changes here and
there (the evolution installs more shared libraries, evolution-ews and
evolution-mapi have some installed libraries renamed and/or added;
header and pkg-config files for the evolution-ews and evolution-mapi
are not provided any more), thus some tweaks in packaging (apart of
calling CMake instead of autotools) will be required.

The build with CMake is straightforward, if you already got in touch
with it. Similar to Autotools, if some feature is enabled and its
dependency cannot be found, then an error is printed with a notice how
to disable the feature if needed. At the end of the configuration phase
are printed all the available options which can be used to tweak the
builds, to both know with what options the project had been configured
and to know what options are available in general.

I plan to merge the changes the next Monday, October 10th, some time
after the 3.22.1 release. This way there will be enough time to catch
any issues before the 3.23.1 release.

I also plan to clean up the source tree a bit, like adding src/
directory into the evolution-data-server and evolution, but I do not
expect it would have any impact on the installed bits. Any custom
distribution patches would need update, of course. I may do some other
miscellaneous changes here and there before and after the merge as

You can give a try to it already with a snapshot of the wip/cmake
branches [1], if you'd like to. I'd prefer to hear about any issues on
the evolution-hackers gnome org list only (I'm not subscribed on the
distributor-list, but on the other two lists I am).

        Thanks and bye,

[1] https://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution-data-server/snapshot/evolution-data-server-wip/cmake.tar.xz

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