Re: Proposal for Gnome Goal (was Re: Switching from Autotools to CMake for core evolution products)

On Mon, 2016-10-10 at 10:49 +0200, Sebastian Geiger (Lanoxx) wrote:
On 05/10/16 15:39, Michael Biebl wrote:

As much as I hate autotools and its arcane syntax, it does bring
uniformity and consistency.
Atm I'm counting waf (for some non-core modules), autotools, cmake and
some are discussing to use meson/ninja.

So while I'm not tied to autotools, I would hate to see if every
modules maintainer chooses his/her own build system of choice. This
makes it really cumbersome as downstream/integrator.
Maybe it would make sense to introduce an official Gnome Goal that 
encourages every module maintainer to switch over to

This would of course mean that we already know meson will be the build 
system of choice and that it fits the
needs of all modules. Of course individual module maintainers would 
still be free to make a different choice or to stick with autotools but 
we would at least have something to motivate the migration, to track its 
status across all modules and it would be a push to towards some level 
of consistency. Also we could collect some best practices from modules 
that have already done the conversion on a Gnome Goal page.

I don’t think we’ve ported enough modules as testbeds yet. Meson is too new
to jump into encouraging everyone to port GNOME modules en-masse.

Maybe the goal could be proposed in 6 months once Meson has matured a bit
more and more modules have dogfooded it?


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