Re: Pull request template for github mirror

On 27/02/16 08:28 AM, Patrick Welche wrote:
I am mystified and pleasantly surprised: there was a fine pull-request
against the dasher project on github. I still don't know how you can
discover the individual commits that make up a pull-request. Today
I merged the github fork which presumably contained all of the commits
in the pull-request and more. I pushed to git.gnome, and magically the
pull-request on github got closed(!) How is this all meant to work?

When you have write permission is shows the commands to do it from the
command line. Sadly it doesn't here since no one has write permission.
(makes no sense, but nothing we can do)

The help explain how to map pull request with remote git branches:
Nothing that a "git remote add" and "git fetch" can't solve.

As for the commits, there is a "commits" tab in the web UI, they are
listed individually.


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