Re: Pull request template for github mirror

Is there any advantage of having those mirrors after all? Nobody really seems to care and I'm against adding a folder to trick a proprietary tool into not hurting us. It's read only anyway...

(I have not followed all previous discussions regarding this though.)

On 27 Feb 2016 12:02 a.m., "Jehan Pagès" <jehan marmottard gmail com> wrote:

Speaking as one of the GIMP developers (which does not mean I speak on
behalf of the GIMP project here, but in my name). I certainly don't
want us to start using github, and actually would not care if we
stopped using it to mirror our repository. As you say yourself, this
is very confusing and probably a lot of people would think that all
these GNOME projects are actually hosted there as upstream, since
nothing tells otherwise by looking at the github page!

BUT if we really have to continue mirror the repos there, I would
personally say that we may as well do it well and add such a file, if
that is all it takes to stop people from creating pull requests.
Isn't there more simply a way to just forbid pull requests? I see we
already don't use the bug tracker nor the wiki. Isn't it possible to
do the same for the pull request UI?

Also another thing I was wondering is: who has the rights to close the
pull requests? On the GIMP project for instance, we have 4 pull
I have (exceptionnally) pushed one of the commits separately, some
time ago, another is not valid anymore, and the last 2 have also been
made on the bugtracker by this contributor since then. Could someone
with rights on the Github GNOME account close these 4 pull requests?


On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 11:16 PM, Thomas H.P. Andersen <phomes gmail com> wrote:
> Hi maintainers,
> We have mirrors of git set up at Apparently developers are
> mistaking these mirrors as upstream and send pull requests there. Unless the
> maintainers actively keeps an eye on it these pull requests will go
> unnoticed.
> One way to deal with this is to add a pull request template to github
> telling the user that this is not the correct place for submitting patches
> and a link to the relevant bugzilla page.
> The way to add a pull request template is by creating a file
> .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE in the repository. As the repos on github are
> just mirrors such a file would have to go into upstream git.
> I volunteer to create template files for all our mirrored repositories if
> there is interest. I understand that adding these files upstream may be
> controversial, but I think that being visible on github is helpful to new
> developers, and this could be a way to avoid those lost patches.
> Tell me what you think.
> - Thomas
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