Re: Pull request template for github mirror

Oh I'm just thinking... I'm currently writing a lot on GitMate which
is some github bot automation stuff, I could write a really simple
function to autorespond to PRs or do some other stuff with it (make
patches for BZ? Keep them in sync?) automatically as I have the
infrastructure (i.e. a modular system where you can easily register
functions to webhooks) ready.

@Alberto, maybe ping me about the OAuth problem, I've spent a bit of
time on that kind of stuff lately. I have no problem getting your
script to work either, might be simpler.


Lasse Schuirmann

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2016-02-27 3:25 GMT+01:00 Hubert Figuière <hub figuiere net>:
On 26/02/16 06:30 PM, Alberto Ruiz wrote:

I do know it is not ideal to have unattended contributions, mind though,
GitHub won't allow an option for disabling Pull Requests even though we
asked for it. And I committed to not allow usage of PRs since we don't want
to rely on a closed service for our operations.

I think someone should poke the maintainers of each module, have them
make a decision and eventually get the PR closed (either by taking,
rejecting or redirecting the contribution).

Very few people have permissions to close these request (there are 4
members in the "GNOME" github project AFAI). I think we should add
people that are okay with it. I'm fine helping with that - ie getting
write access. My user name on github is "hfiguiere"

It is very important that we don't ignore contributions.


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