Re: Hooking up gnome-session with dbus/kdbus/systemd

On Wed, 22.01.14 21:31, Matthias Clasen (matthias clasen gmail com) wrote:

The only thing I've seen in this discussion that I disagree with is the
idea to make the distinction between starting a service (in the background)
and launching the application (opening a window) implicit, by looking at
somewhat obscure environment variables. That should be rather be explicit,
I think, and we want to limit the extent to which applications are allowed
to do that (run in the background).

Yeah, I agree with this. As discussed with Ryan and others on IRC yesterday:

I think the way forward here is to introduce a seperate ExecService= (or
maybe ExecBusService= or so) field here, and for .desktop files without
DBusActivatabe= set prorgams should just contiue forking off the
binaries directly.


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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