Geoclue needs your help!

Hi all,
  As some of you might have heard, last week I added a
wifi-geolocation source to geoclue. I'm working on also adding 3G and
GPS sources but with GNOME running on mostly laptops, most people wont
have the needed hardware for these sources. Also is the fact that
laptops are usually used indoor and I'm not yet sure when we will have
GPSA support. Keeping all this in mind and that our geiop source
typically gives us city-level accuracy, this wifi-geolocation source
is the most important one.

The source makes use of the new Mozilla Location Service[1] and that
being very new, does not have a lot of coverage. The good news is that
they provide a web API and an android application to allow people to
help them extend their coverage: Mozstumblr. I talked to our designers
briefly about having a similar service/app in GNOME to be able to
contribute data from GNOME itself as well but lack of GPS hardware
makes it rather not that useful in the end.

So what I would really appreciate is for you nice folks to consider
installing Mozstumblr on your android phones (if you have one, that
is) and make our geolocation framework work as well as we all want it

Have a nice weekend!


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124


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