Annual GNOME Bugzilla statistics for 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the usual quick look at some basic GNOME Bugzilla activity in 2013
(slightly late, but all numbers were gathered on Jan 1st at 20:06UTC).

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Overall statistics:
                                2013   2012   2011
  Open reports at the end(*):   46130  43298  44003
  Opened in that year:          25137  23642  28287
  Closed in that year:          22120  24093  27552
    (*): Excludes reports marked as enhancements

Half of the large difference (3017 tickets) between opened and closed
tickets is due to two projects:
  Project                    Open tickets    Change
  shotwell                       967           +428
  geary                          685          +1051
Here it becomes obvious that there is a bug in Bugzilla's statistics, as
Geary did not have a negative number of open tickets one year ago.
This data inconsistency is likely related to mass-importing tickets from
Yorba's Redmine instance, as there further inconsistencies can be seen
(the "reporter" column on buglist.cgi shows a different reporter [the
original reporter in Redmine] than show_bug.cgi [the account of Charles
who ran the import script] for many Geary tickets).

The following people closed more than 500 bugs in 2013:
  1202       Matthias Clasen
   864       André Klapper
   812       Bastien Nocera
   688       Sebastian Dröge
   574       Florian Müllner

The following people reported more than 250 bugs in 2013:
   488       Adam Dingle(᛭)
   470       Jim Nelson(᛭)
   426       Matthias Clasen
   392       William Jon McCann
   360       Bastien Nocera
   318       Allan Day
   280       Giovanni Campagna

   (᛭): To some extend due to mass-importing Geary tickets, see above.

The following people contributed more than 250 patches in 2013:
   875       Jasper St. Pierre
   652       Giovanni Campagna
   450       Bastien Nocera
   407       Florian Müllner
   262       Ryan Lortie
   260       Debarshi Ray
   253       Cosimo Cecchi
   253       Rui Matos

The following people reviewed more than 500 patches in 2012:
  1380       Bastien Nocera
  1234       Jasper St. Pierre
  1230       Sebastian Dröge
   769       Matthias Clasen
   726       Colin Walters
   708       Giovanni Campagna
   507       Cosimo Cecchi

Enjoy 2014!,
Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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