Re: [desktop-devel-list] Potential GNOME IDE

On Sun, 2014-01-05 at 18:03 +0100, Sébastien Wilmet wrote:
Having both gedit and Anjuta is already a duplication of effort.
Personally I prefer only a text editor, and use the command line or 
other applications for the other features (git, glade, devhelp, etc).

Many developers prefer this way, but many developers prefer IDEs, and
that's what we're talking about building. That's not a duplication of
effort: it's a completely different type of program. gedit is an
excellent text editor, but I would generally prefer to use a real IDE
rather than gedit, and I suspect many new contributors would as well.

I'm all for moving more features from gedit into gtksourceview, since
that benefits all users of gtksourceview, but I'm not sure that I agree
with your argument in favor of specialized text editors. Eclipse and
Netbeans are probably the most successful open source IDEs, and they
support tons of languages through plugins, which gives them a large base
of users outside the Java community. I suspect the way to be a
successful IDE is to emulate them. My $0.02: I think maintaining one
quality GNOME IDE is do-able, where lots of GNOME developers are fixing
annoyances in the same IDE, but maintaining separate IDEs for Python, C,
C++, Vala, Javascript, ... would probably be well beyond our current
resources. (On the other hand, Visual Studio is the highest-quality IDE
I've ever used, and it does come in different variants depending on what
language you are using....)

Just some rambling thoughts. Cheers,


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