Re: Application menus

        Because it's unsupported.

As someone who works on mutter and gnome-shell, I'm curious: since
when is it unsupported? I've never heard anybody say this before.

It's not the default, it's not togglable in System Settings, and it's
not been designed for. That makes it unsupported.

We added special code for it in 3.6 after the result of user testing finding
issues with the application menu and focus-follows-mouse. We're certainly
not removing the code for it, and as far as I'm aware, it's still a
consideration for designers. That makes it supported.

Thank you for supporting it, it is very appreciated, daily.

I think that the solution based on cursor velocity is clever and intuitive.

I understand that it does not work well with a touch pad. Maybe this
can be adjusted, or maybe the pointing device could be detected?

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