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On Thu, 2013-07-04 at 16:18 -0500, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
I haven't seen an app menu (gmenu) discussion in quite some time, which
is a bit surprising as more apps add them. 3.10 will be the fourth
release featuring app menus, and by now most GNOME applications have
one. But the only information on the GNOME wiki seems to have been
written for GNOME 3.4, and there seem to be some issues and
inconsistencies with the implementation throughout the project.

I've been using GNOME all that time and I'd never noticed them.

This is the one in the top panel which, with focus-follows-mouse, means
I have to *quickly* move my mouse to the top of the screen from the tiny
empathy buddies window — without it resting for a moment over any other
window, otherwise *that* application's menu ends up in the panel by the
time I get there? That's great fun with a trackpad and a large screen,
where it might take two strokes of the finger to get from one corner of
the screen to the other.

And only *then* can I find the 'add contact' option, that I expected to
find *in* the empathy application over there about 25 inches away at the
bottom right corner of my screen?

I actually filed a bug because I couldn't *find* the 'add contact'
option. And then didn't understand what I was being told, when I was
told it was in the 'GNOME Shell context menu'. It had to be explained to
me in graphic detail.

A stunningly unhelpful development, it seems to me. I would strongly
resist the suggestion that Evolution should gain this monstrosity,
especially if it's unconditional.


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