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Le dimanche 27 janvier 2013, à 15:32 +0100, Lanoxx a écrit :
> On 27/01/13 14:38, Vincent Untz wrote:
> >Le dimanche 27 janvier 2013, à 14:10 +0100, Lanoxx a écrit :
> >>On 27/01/13 09:02, Vincent Untz wrote:
> >>>Le dimanche 27 janvier 2013, à 00:30 +0100, Lanoxx a écrit :
> >>>>Where do get more information about what these tasks and providers
> >>>>are and what they reference? For example in one of my session files
> >>>>I find these lines:
> >>>>
> >>>>RequiredProviders=windowmanager;
> >>>>DefaultProvider-windowmanager=gnome-wm
> >>>>DefaultProvider-notifications=notify-osd


> So I understand that the first two lines are related to each other.
> First its defined that there should be a required provider TASK
> named 'windowmanager' and then we specify that the default provider
> for this task is gnome-wm. I also found the .desktop file in
> /usr/share/applications. So far so good.
> RequiredProviders=windowmanager;
> DefaultProvider-windowmanager=gnome-wm
> But this line here is where I get confused:
> DefaultProvider-notifications=notify-osd
> There seems to be no other line that references a TASK named
> notifications and there is also no corresponding .desktop file in
> /usr/share/applications. What I do not understand is, how do I know
> what is a valid provider?

It's probably worth checking in the code, but I think that it marks
notify-osd as autostart, and give it a higher priority than other
"notifications" providers (like notification-daemon).

The fact that it's not in RequiredProviders simply makes the session not
fail if notify-osd cannot be started. So it's not required, just

> Does gnome-session hard code the valid provider names somewhere in its
> soure, or is this some kind of interface that is known by the TASKS?

No, anything can be used.

> What would happen if I just remove that line, would the notification
> system stop working?

Yes, assuming there's notify-osd or notification-daemon defined in the
autostart path.

Now, it's worth mentioning that all this is gone in 3.8, see


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