Re: An update on 3.8 goals

2013/1/22 Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com>
Here is one of my semiregular updates on our current goals (see )

DesktopFileKeywords - huge progress here, in large part due to
tireless efforts by Daniel Mustieles (thanks, Daniel !). What we need
to get this goal completed for 3.8 is a bit of patch review by the
gnome-games maintainers.

Many thanks Matthias to you for your patch review and also thanks to Robert Ancell, whio has reviewed the remaining patches and updated the wikipage, so we can consider this goal finished :)

Now, I'd like to help with this another goal:, but, at this time, it's jus a proposal, although there have been several patches applied. My question is, may I help sending patches with this goal? How or where is the correct way to discuss if it should be approved as an official goal or not?

Thanks to all for your help with this goal and tell me to to help with other GNOME goals.

Best regars

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