Re: Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

On ה', 2013-08-15 at 17:07 +0200, Luis Menina wrote:
Le 15/08/2013 16:48, fr33domlover a écrit :
But assume I'm new to Gnome and I want to contribute. It's easier for me
to do it through GitHub than through Gitorious, because of the mirrors. 

Sure. But if you know GNOME, you also may contribute through bugzilla by
sending patches using the GNOME repositories. This has not changed.
We're adding freedom of choice here, not removing any.

Of course. But since only *one* service is being supported, specifically
the proprietary GitHub, I suggest the decision is considered seriously
before it's made. We're not adding several git hosting services, just a
specific one, and it's centralized.

So you do encourage the use of GitHub, even if you don't intend to.

It's indirectly encouraging github over gitorious or gitlab, because one
has to come first, and that Github has more users. This doesn't mean
that gitlab mirrors nor gitorious are forbidden. GNOME has always been a
do-ocracy. The one who does the work has the final word, so I'm pretty
sure anyone wanting to help mirror on gitlab or gitorious is welcome.

Gitlab and gitorious people who strive to keep using only free software
are still able to contribute using a GNOME account, bugzilla and the
GNOME repositories. Nothing changes for them.

Please keep in mind that here only *more* choices are given to people,
not *less*. That's all about sharing.

Maybe GitHub will help more people contribute, but I don't see why it's
so important. I prefer to have 3 developers who care, than to have 5 who
don't care. If I didn't mind to use GitHub, I could as well not mind
using Windows. GitHub is proprietary, just like Windows.

Do you dismiss a Linux user that uses Skype ? Would you prefer a Windows
user that uses Firefox ? For me they are both free software users, event
if not using 100% free software. I personally prefer that people use
what they want. They should be able to decide if free software is a good
thing for them. Free software is good, but it should be praised for
being better than the competition *and* free, not just for being free.

I don't dismiss anyone. I just examine things from the point-of-view of
a developer who believes in software freedom, and hopes other developers
here believe in it too. Because of the importance of freedom, not
because it saves money.

I agree people should decide what they think about free software. That's
why it's important official GitHub mirroring is not done without giving
maintainers a unique switch for their module, to control whether it's
mirrored or not.

Free software doesn't have to be better than the competition:
Libreoffice lacks some MS Office features, and still many people use it.
Same for many other projects. Personally, I use free software that
crashes, instead of a proprietary alternative, just because it's free
software. Software freedom is important to me, very much. That's why I
ask one little thing:

If you want to make the GitHub mirroring official for the Gnome
project's modules, allow maintainers to turn it on/off easily. That's
all. If people as why some modules turn it off, you can say "GitHub is
proprietary after all, in contradiction to our goals of spreading
software freedom" and they'll understand.

Is it a legitimate request to have such a switch for maintainers?

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