Re: Announcing GNOME's official GitHub mirror

I agree. Here is the compromise:

1. People who don't mind having their module on Github can turn on

2. Peope who don't want it, can turn it off

3. People who want to clone a module not mirrored on Github, do it like
now: clone a gnome repo, then upload it to Github in a single mouse
click and start hacking. Still easy.

Eventually, GitHub is supposed to help maintainers track contribution.
If they don't want to use this tool (e.g. because it's proprietary), why
force them to have it applied on their modules?

On ה', 2013-08-15 at 16:01 +0200, Luis Menina wrote:
Le 15/08/2013 15:40, fr33domlover a écrit :
Software freedom is more important for me than convenience. If you're
interested in convenience you can use MS Windows, Dropbox, Facebook,
Skype and Github. Stop developing Gnome and just watch TV all day.
That's convenience.

I feel that some decisions taken in the name of Gnome don't consider
software freedom. That's not fair, especially because many people here
are volunteers, and some of them volunteer in the name of software
freedom, not convenience or profit.

Software freedom is a good thing, and like many here, I love it to. You
can't say people don't consider freedom here. Yes, Github is
proprietary. But someone did the work to interact with it, proprietary
or not. This means that if someone stepped up to add mirrors for
gitorious or other free services, that would IMHO be accepted as well.

Does forcing everyone to use free software is freedom ? I don't think
so. But letting users of proprietary software know that we exist, and
that we are free software, is part of our job too. I didn't come to
Linux or GNOME because it was free software, but that is why I remained
faithful to it. So users of non-free software shouldn't bee seen as
second-class citizens. We need to find a good compromise between
freeness and user outreach.
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