Re: Again: please clarify the decision on IBus integration

On Mon, 2012-07-09 at 22:27 +0800, Aron Xu wrote:
> >> Finally, because the patches is still sitting in wip branch, I
> don't
> >> think it's approperiate to report bugs to the application itself.
> >
> > This should change soon and I'd be really thankful if you gave it a
> > try then and give us feedback on it.
> >
> > Rui
> I will try my best to avoid current code to be merged,

I would rather you helped get the code in a shape where you're happy for
it to be merged.

>  and please
> don't do it if you really don't want to see so much CJK users being
> disappointed by a decision that you have made in house with a few guys
> don't actually know what is it. 

And I wish you stopped saying we don't know what we're doing. I'm not
going to put up very long with people who want to revert committed code,
insult the developers' skills and don't contribute anything positive to
the conversation.

Make a positive contribution, or stop sending e-mails.


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