Re: Again: please clarify the decision on IBus integration

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:30 PM, Ma Xiaojun <damage3025 gmail com> wrote:
> I will do the jhbuild test.
> However, if you do find something broken, why don't you describe in a
> bug report style?
> I still don't know what's exactly the change (of behavior) you dislike
> and want to revert back.

If you have really participated in my session about input method at
GNOME Asia, I belive you have got the idea already. Actually, the test
I asked you to do is the problem I'm arguing.

In Rui's patches, he defines some shortcuts for switching between XKB
and IBus. This looks elegant, but it's problematic because IBus have
already defined all kinds of shortcuts, as well as users may change
many of them to fit their preference. The actual effect here is that
IBus can hardly catch shortcuts and cannot be reactivated when the
user switched to XKB, which is painful. We have argued all kinds of
needs of users, but I find its still too far from the world of non-IMF
developers, I understand it's hard.

Finally, because the patches is still sitting in wip branch, I don't
think it's approperiate to report bugs to the application itself.

Aron Xu

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