Re: Privacy/Security Friends of GNOME campaign?

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Federico Mena Quintero
<federico gnome org> wrote:

> * Do we have something like HTTPS everywhere?

This is also known as "HSTS"[1] (HTTP Strict Transport Security), and
I would indeed love to have some time to implement it in Web.

Some other things that would be nice to have:
- EV-SSL support[2]. This could be somewhat complex to do it we
properly patch gnutls, but using something like 'gcr' it should be
relatively easy to add support for it in libsoup.
- Add support for Mozilla's Persona[3], or some other mechanism to
auto-generate and store passwords for pages.
- Make our already built-in adblock support better.



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