Re: Privacy/Security Friends of GNOME campaign?

On Wed, 2012-12-12 at 23:19 -0500, Karen Sandler wrote:

> The marketing team agreed that this time a privacy/security campaign would
> be great for a friends of GNOME drive. After Jacob Applebaum's talk at
> GUADEC, we heard a lot of people discussing how important these issues are
> and how we'd like to do more at GNOME.
> Are there areas of GNOME that you think could be improved from this
> perspective?

Jacob mentioned that Pidgin/libpurple badly needs a security audit (and
since Empathy's machinery is in libpurple, this would have a direct
benefit for Gnome).  Maybe we could fundraise with that in mind.

Some random ideas:

* What would it take to have a Tor-ified session right from GDM?

* Should we have a desktop-wide "incognito mode"?

* Remember the old document, "Why Johnny can't encrypt"?  How can we
make it really easy to have encrypted mail?

* Should the Gnome Foundation be able to issue certificates?

* Should we have a keyserver?

* Do we have something like HTTPS everywhere?


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