gjs 1.35.3 heads up


Here's the shortlog for 1.35.3.  I want to highlight in particular
"ABI CHANGE: Switch String -> uint8 array coercion to be UTF8"
(commit d15b8e3ebdc406f2bf92350c9e403f2512f25bf6, linked to bug
 https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=680730 )

This is something that gjs-based application and component authors should
be aware of.  I expect overall it will be an improvement - code which previously
corrupted non-ASCII strings will no longer do so.  But it's possible for
someone to have been relying on this (in hindsight) poor design choice.

Colin Walters (12):
      Add new GBytes API and conversions
      arg: Fix memory leak in exception path in array conversion
      arg: Throw an explicit error if we don't know how to make an array
      arg: Unify copy&paste argument conversion error code into helper function
      gi: Add a nicer toString() for boxed objects too
      build: Use -Bsymbolic-functions by default if available
      ABI CHANGE: Switch String -> uint8 array coercion to be UTF8
      strings: Avoid copy of utf16 data in case where g_mem_is_system_malloc()
      build: Allow disabling cairo
      tests: Add a test for importing a module which uses literal UTF-8
      value: Avoid a copy/free when setting a string property
      Release 1.35.3

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      Gio: call name() on the correct variable

Giovanni Campagna (6):
      Don't use deprecated JSCLASS_CONSTRUCT_PROTOTYPE flags
      Don't use JS_ConstructObject
      Rework dynamic class system
      boxed: introduce support for complex constructors
      Use GBytes for byte array GVariants
      GError: pretend that GBoxed wrapping GError is a JS GError

Jasper St. Pierre (1):
      importer: Allow a module to see its full path

Pavel Vasin (6):
      importer: Fix memory leak
      importer: Fix GError leaks
      dbus-exports: Fix memory leak
      arg: Fix mem leak
      dbus-values: Fix mem leak
      arg: Fix uninitialized pointer

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