Re: Applying for lockdown editor writing in GSoC


Le mercredi 04 avril 2012, à 00:25 +0300, Rūdolfs Mazurs a écrit :
> I think I could try to patch gnome-shell to disable workspaces and/or
> disable overview mode – this could be useful for a single application
> (kiosk) environment, where the top panel should be visible (time, volume
> and accessibility controls are required). Should this be done until
> Friday?

Disabling workspaces should be rather now: it's just a matter of forcing
just 1 workspace and enable support for static workspaces introduced in

As to disabling the overview mode, I think that it would not be enough.
If we want a single app mode for the shell, we'd also need to disable
alt-f2, and every menu items that can open apps or the control center in
the status icons. As well as extensions, I guess. I guess an approach
could be to re-use the gdm mode in gnome-shell. Anyway, if you want to
tackle this, it's best to chat with the gnome-shell people :-)



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