Re: Applying for lockdown editor writing in GSoC

Le dimanche 01 avril 2012, à 23:46 +0300, Rūdolfs Mazurs a écrit :
> Hello, and thanks for pointers.
> The information for students is lacking in the sense, that this is a new
> software, therefore fixing existing bugs or contributing to existing
> modules is problematic. Should I write something for the pessulus as it
> is, make some dummy application or contribute something to another
> project?

Fixing a bug in the current pessulus is kind of useless, imho. But there
are a few options:

 - write some small code snippets showing things that will be needed in
   the lockdown editor.

 - patch apps to make sure they respect the lockdown settings.
   Obviously, you need to find an app not respecting the settings
   first; just change an lockdown setting and check if it's respected by
   the apps on your desktop.

> Also, this is my draft of proposal (D means deliverable):

First comment: there's no timeline in what you propose :-) Even if you
don't have a good idea right now of what it will be, it's important to
be able to show good progress at mid-term, for instance. And we can give
feedback on whether your timeline is reasonable or not.

> 1) Understand the target audience
> 2) Gather requirements
> 2.1) Look into Pessulus features
> 2.2) Read Pessulus feature requests
> 2.3) Ask user for user input
> D0) List of desired features
> D1) Mock-up of the software, no functionality
> 3) Check if applications support the required lock-down features
> 3.1) If not, negotiate implementation with the developers
> D2) List of results (application support status for each feature)

I would actually do this after your next step (swap 3 and 4).

> 4) Start implementing functionality for lock-down editor
> D3) First functional lock-down options
> 5) Write patches for other software if needed functionality is lacking
> D4) Full lock-down functionality
> 6) Write basic configuration import/export

I'm not completely sure what you mean with this. Is this the full
configuration? Or "just" lockdown? Why should it live in the lockdown

> 7) Polish the lock-down editor (i18n, basic documentation and such)
> D5) Program ready for use
> 8) [optional] Make a configuration server and implement configuration
> fetching 
>    from a URL
> 9) Plan for expanding configuration delivery
> It omits any time spent learning GNOME development technologies and I am
> not sure about schedule.
> Is there anything to add?



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