Towards Cogl 2.0

Hi all,

This is a heads up that we're currently considering the idea of biting
the bullet for this next development cycle and seeing if we can shoot
for Cogl 2.0!

We've been chipping away towards Cogl 2.0 for several years now and
although there are still some important things left to do we do feel
like we're approaching the last mile.

How might this affect you?

If we do commit to this the first change will be that we bump the
version of cogl master to 1.99.1 and would immediately start dropping
1.x api.

Most notably this would mean that Clutter will no longer build against
cogl master and so people building Clutter would need to make sure
they switch to the cogl-1.10 branch instead. This is the main reason
we wanted to put this email out first since we don't wan't to cause a
big disruption for others.

What about Cogl 1.x?

We fully intend on maintaining Cogl 1.x in parallel with the 2.x
development given that our main user is still Clutter currently which
will depend on the Cogl 1.x api until Clutter 2.0. Although we would
initially be aiming to get 2.0 ready within 6 months to align with the
gnome release schedule if that turns out to not quite be possible
there is still a chance that we would release a 1.12 in 6 months

If anyone has any feedback or questions about us doing this please
say, though please be aware I've cross posted this to a few mailing
lists so it may be best to just reply to the cogl mailing list.

Also of course anyone interested in helping us out and providing
feedback on Cogl itself we'd love to work with you to make sure Cogl
2.0 is really nice api for everyone!

kind regards,
- Robert

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