Re: Features !

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 9:38 AM, Joaquim Rocha <jrocha igalia com> wrote:

>> It should be easy to do because the purpose of the desktop is to make
>> things easy. I agree you don't want it off automatically because you need
>> to be sure that a user can find the accessibility features if they do
>> need them.
> I completely agree with Alan.
> Why not have a switch in the Universal Access settings that shows/hides
> the icon/menu?

That's a trick question, right ? I would love to see you use the
switch to bring the menu back...

Anyway, this entire discussion is predicated on the premise that it is
a) good to make things configurable
b) good to make these knobs easily available

I don't agree with either of these. 'I want it gone' is a good
argument for making the a11y menu removable. And 'desktops should be
easy' is a good argument for putting the knob right into the menu

But... all of this is more of a side-show anyway. I was asking about
features you want to see worked on (or, more interesting) work on
yourself for 3.4. 'Everything I don't like in GNOME 3.2' is a
discussion worth having, but not quite the same thing.


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